Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma Solomon!

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma Solomon!
Pearl Bates Solomon
Born October 16th, 1919

I would like to express my gratitude to a special lady in my life. I was blessed to have my Grandma Solomon live just down the hill from me, to sit with her every Sunday at church, and to spend some good times at her house. Few things I remember about Grandma Solomon's was sharp cheese, homemade macaroni and cheese, saltine crackers, and of course fresh squeezed lemonade with fresh mint from the garden!! Grandma always had cheese and crackers for us. I also remember watching nickelodeon at Grandma's and how I was so lucky when I did because we didn't have cable tv at home. We also spent many afternoons watching "The Music Man" because Grandma didn't really collect movies. And I will admit that when it came time to go to the bathroom, if I could, I would make an excuse to go home because I never liked Grandma's bathroom. It had too many daddy long legs!

But my Grandma is a special lady! She is a modern day pioneer! The more stories I hear about her the greater my pride swells in being her granddaughter. Being widowed at a young age and raising 8 kids by herself was no easy task but she did it. I love hearing her testimony. She has shown me that life is not easy but with the Lord it is made easier.

The rest of this blog is pictures from Grandma's PaRtY! It was not an easy task for her to sit but I know she enjoyed every minute of the party. It was great to see her smile :) (For those family members who would like copies of the pictures please let me know. I can either burn a cd, email, or whatever for you. Email me at

Grandma w/7 of 8 kids

Chantelle and Karen Godfrey, Grandma, Aunt Bobby Sue, and Uncle Gary

Grandson David, Great Grandsons Kyler and Braiden

My Fam

Heather, Grandma, Jonathan

Brad, Grandma, Uncle Carvel, and Aunt Cleone

Grandma and I

Jason and Tiffany Owen Fam

My nephews Kyler and Devrin with me

Franco's and Grandma

Uncle Bill and Aunt Rita's Clan
Okay, for all those who attended you know that I took a lot more pics but blogspot is giving my trouble so just email me and I will send pictures to you. Happy Birthday Grandma!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Camping Adventures

I seriously cannot remember the last time I went camping. I have wanted to go for several years but plans never came together until this past Labor Day weekend. I gave my self a pat on the back when I returned home because I did pretty good with no shower for several days. It could have been worse if we didn't have a trailer with a toilet (because I do have to have my modern day plumbing).

I have to express thanks for all my family for pulling together and making this weekend happen. I had a wonderful time and can't wait till we can go again. The only downfall of the weekend was the rain (but it was actually pretty nice, keep it cool) and that my sister-in-law broke her leg in two spots right above the ankle. We pray for her to have a speedy recovery...and no surgery...

We camped in a wonderful spot, an open meadow big enough for us to play tree golf, set up a volleyball net, and play kickball. My brother invited a friend's family from the valley to join us and I have to say the meshed in well. No one was strangers but for a few seconds and from then on it was like we were great friends.

One thing I remember about camping when I was little was riding the "tree horse." Unfortunately since I have grown since last time I camped I was not able to show my inner campin' cowgirl but the kids had a great time.

Braiden Riding the Tree Horse - We prepare for the worst...

Now before you judge me on the mess of my pants, let me explain...okay?...It was dark, I was stuck, and I had no way out...That's true but probably still not what you think. My brothers took those who wanted to and could to a cave near our campsite (even though it took us about 30 mins to find it). The cave was awesome!! (Doesn't beat the salt mine in Salzburg because they had a slide, but I did slide everywhere in the cave. Seriously it was about a 1/2 mile worth of up and down hills of slippery mud. Boy was it a thigh workout! Not only do you have to squat-walk for about 100 feet in the beginning but you have to step up on 2 feet steps of slimey mud. It was awesome. I didn't have a flashlight, which I will definitely have next time I go, because it was darker than dark. We turned out all the lights when we were at the end and you couldn't see your hand at all right in front of your eyes. Scary but awesome!

All in all the trip was great! I had a wonderful time forming the memories that I now have. Thank you family!...Hope to do it again soon.