Sunday, November 21, 2010

20 November 2010

I am behind the times. But as most of you know I like history so I am going to take this moment to share a little history about my life over the past few months. As I reflect back to 2010 I laugh and cry about everything I endured. Not that it all was a hardship but there where moments that humbled me. I don't want to reflect on the negative even though those moments help us become stronger but simply stated, I like the positive better!

This post is about the day of November 20, 2010. This day ended up being fun-packed with friends, flying, and fans. Simply put I went flying, had a Thanksgiving dinner with my friends, and was crowned Miss San Marcos. I think the pictures from this day will do it justice. Enjoy!

Driving to Chandler Regional Airport. Are we excited or what!

Adam, ze pilot, and Me. I guess since I am smiling I trust he can still fly while looking backwards.

I love you Arizona!

Eliza and I, ze passengers. Once again, trusting the pilot as he takes a picture of us.

Afternoon to the end of the day:
Preparations for our Thanksgiving dinner pretty much took us all day! After we put our feet back on the ground we spent the rest of our day preparing the turkey, cooking pies and casserole. Well at least I should say Eliza did because I was preparing for a pageant. Never would I thought I would be in a pageant and as silly as it was, it was an interesting experience. I had an interview, talent, and evening wear. I was actually crowned Miss San Marcos! Considering I had no idea what I was doing for my talent and evening wear until about 5:30pm I would say it was a success.
Dave giving some TLC to the bird. It paid off by being flavorful and moist!

I am grateful for this harvest!

Jena, Brittany, Lauren and I (clockwise)

What a bunch of turkeys!

In my crowning glory! (This is the only picture of the whole night.)
There you have it. This was a memorable day in so many ways. I was really worn out by the end of it all. I think I could have enjoyed all didn't happen all in one day but I really am not complaining. I am blessed to have amazing friends!

End To An Era...Enter New

You never know how hard it is to say goodbye to a dear friend. Knowing that you will never see them again, only relying on the memories saved in your memory bank, the experience the joys of that friend.

After 92,000 miles, 9 years, and countless hours, I severed all ties and responsibilities of being an owner to my dear Betsy, the 1999 Ford Taurus. She was the first car I owned. We bonded and had many amazing trips together. A trip to San Diego, countless trips through the mountains, midnight runs to Dairy Queen, and more. About 3 yrs into the relationship, we knew we needed each other when we thought we would never see each other again. Betsy had been kidnapped late on night. Luckily she was found 3 days later. Betsy also had a few emergencies plastic surgeries after she was hit. I stood my her, knowing she could pull through.

Considering Betsy had started to fail me months before we separated, one might think I could have skipped away with a smile on my face at the dealer when I made the trade but we went deeper than that. I still have to have a moment of silence each time I see a Taurus pass me on the road. But all things must come to an end.

And what is life if we do not start anew when things come to an end? I know have a new friend! Not a 6-cylinder but a zippy 4 cylinder, 2010 Toyota Corolla! So cheers to my new friend, Her-mine-ee (or at least that might be the name, it might change.) We haven't had a road trip yet, but I look forward to the new adventures that will fill the time in our relationship here in the near future.

Birthday Wishes and More

As the year circles once again to the end, I celebrated another wonderful birthday. Now if you really know me you know my birthday was back in October and we are no longer in October but its never too late to share some great stories.
As many say, as you get older, your birthday is just another ordinary day. I am feeling this more and more each year. I now realize though that a birthday is not just a day for people to celebrate you, its a day for you to celebrate another year in the presence of the wonderful people our Heavenly Father puts in your life. I think I am progressing in the direction that not everything is about me. Birthdays are days that you get to celebrate the joys of each year you live!

This year I did work on my birthday. It was a pretty uneventful day. About 4:03pm I hit the highlight of the day when I just walked out of my classroom, leaving all my worries behind. Ahh! A night without grading and planning! My birthday gift to me. I didn't care if I was totally unprepared for the next day. I was out of there. My sister and her brother then took me to dinner @ Olive Garden! Oh the deliciousness of their crisp salad and breaded chicken with marinara sauce, topped with parmesan cheese. Don't worry I cannot forget the breadsticks bursting with salt, garlic, and butter. Mmmm! It was a top-notch meal! Of course I over ate but calories don't count on birthdays right??!

At the time of my bday I was temporarily living in Casa Grande (but I am now back in Chandler). Being away from friends and family I didn't expect anything to happen for my birthday. Well after a little trip to Target after we ate (apparently just to kill time), we headed back to the house. I wobbled to the door, still extremely full from the meal and unlocked it. Hands full of leftovers and books, I realized there was a shiny balloon in the middle of the room, and shadows of balloons on the floor. The lights were not on so I really could not see everything. And I kept thinking, "All this was not here before we left and I was the last one out the door..." SURPRISE!! (insert loud scream) The lights flicked on and people started popping out of hallways, closets, and from behind furniture!

Eliza & I with Tim as background
Me, Janalie, Tim, and Lauren
I was totally taken by surprise, not able to stop my pounding heart, to see the smiling faces of my friends. It was to be a simple day, but it got complicated. But of course I was not going to contest it. :) My day was complete as I celebrated with some of the people I love, another great year.
Cutting the Cake. Mmmm good!

Me, Jason, and Alison
(Pink was the theme color of the party I guess)

All of us together!!