Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1 Year Anniversary...

Well, it has now been a year since I left my (some) family and fabulous friends in the "Valley of the Sun", quit Country Ins. ;(, and moved back to Taylor. I cannot believe that a year has passed. (For those who I have not stayed in contact with I moved back to complete my bachelor's degree through NAU). As hard of a decision it was, I am truly really, without a smidgeon of doubt, glad, that I made the move. Yeah it's been hard and wEiRd, but it has been great for me. I definitely see my schooling coming to an end. Its not a facade! Yahoo! One more year and I will be an official teacher!
Not only has the move brought me closer to my degree but also has given me the opportunity to establish new friendships. It was hard to move back knowing that most of the high school chubs were not here but I have been blessed with additional people that I have added to my circle of friends. :) I've even gotten to ride in a jeep!! Thanks Lynell!
Another plus has been the wonderful weather!! The sidewalk still burns my feet when I go get the clothes off the line, but I don't have to take a bath after 10 seconds of being outside. Cool, crisp mornings, starry sky, and clean air I have thoroughly enjoyed. Nothing like reading a good book (yes, from the twilight saga) in the shade, lounging in the green grass. You just have to watch out for bugs but it is still delightful.

The negative-not all has been 'smiley' because I did leave good friends and family. I really miss my niece and nephews, who are definitely a big joy to me. And of course, I really miss my Moki's, Olive Garden, and Tia Rosa. Above that I miss Kohls. --that's about it. Oh just kidding Mo-I really miss my ol' job. My first and only job (technically because I wasn't hired to be a substitute) was definitely a BIG highlight of my 6 years in Mesa. All ya'll that I worked with - Monique, Sara, Tara, Lena "Hammy", and "Dobbie" - truly blessed my life and helped me through those good and hard times. The laughs are treasured :) Love ya lots. (pic of me, Monique, and Sara to the left)
The next to year to come...Like I said, I have one more year of schooling till I complete my bachelor's degree. January I will be doing my student teaching which I am applying to do in Europe (one month till the interview!!). I really hope I get this experience for several reasons. To name a few (1) get to give a little bit back to the service men and women of our country 'cause I will be teaching the kids on American military bases. (2) Hello! Europe!! and (3) get to experience different cultures that will hopefully open my eyes to more beautiful (and different) things in this blessed world.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beautiful Sunset

Arizona is very popular for its sunsets. This is one that I captured the other night after it rained a little during the day. Very pretty isn't it??!

The first of many (hopefully)

At the request of several people, I decided to dive into the life of a blogger. I cannot guarantee that it will be exciting (I only live in Taylor so only so much can happen) but I cannot guarantee that it will be boring. Its what life gives me. For those who read this and want to know what I am up to keep reading...Right now my life is open to any possibility. (Except maybe participating in the 2008 summer olympics in Beijing. I think qualifying is over but who knows maybe 2012 will be my year.) Actually I am living a 'free' life right now because school is on break and I am taking a break from a job for the summer. This past year I substituted and boy was it an experience. I ended up being the FACS teacher (cooking) at Snowflake Junior High for the last semester. Yep, teenagers and knives! Only one kid cut herself so I think it was successful. Whether or not those kids can cook anything besides ramen now, I don't know.

Starting in August I will be starting the FINAL semester of College! I am almost done and I thank all those who have been with me and supported me throughout the VERY LONG process of getting my bachelors degree in Elementary Ed. I will be doing my student teaching in January and I hope to have the great privilege of doing it in Europe on an American military base. (Long story, can give more details later).