Saturday, August 23, 2008

2012 Olympics: Here I Come!??!

Maybe it is the feeling of you can do anything you put your mind (and body) to as you watch the olympics and hear of the many stories of how someone reached their goal as an olympian or its the cool weather in the morning or insanity setting in but I accomplished something this morning that I probably never would have thought I would do probably two weeks ago. Over the summer, I have (sparatically) been walking in the morning. Well about a month ago my right foot started to really bother me and if I don't wear arch supports or wrap my foot, it feels like I have left cactus needles in my heel for two years. So instead of walking, my friend Lynell and I started to ride bikes so we could still do a little bit of exercise. I think I am past the sore 'hiney' now but today I really pushed myself and I am pretty proud of myself that I did it. (Even though I was slower than the others).

So what did I do to make myself think that I can be an olympian? I rode from my house to the stoplight in Snowflake! Our guess is about 10 miles (I'm clocking it tomorrow) but this is definitely a big physical accomplishment for me. And its harder than you think. When you drive between Snowflake and Taylor 20 billion times in your life you do not notice all the hills. Let me say that if you ride a bike you will notice every slight incline there is. You know the phrase "Uphill both ways", thats what it felt like.)

There was only one time that I did loose my sanity temporarily and had to chant to myself "pump, pump, pump" as I climbed a hill, but I did okay since I am not Ms. Exercise herself (I just hate to sweat-a little phobia I have, I know I am weird). And I am not sore at all either, but I did take a nap because I was so drained and did not have enough energy to even keep my 2 oz eyelids from closing this afternoon, so I do feel good about it.

Okay so I may not end up waving to the Queen of England as I race through London in 2012 as a cyclist but I do have a smaller fear of not doing 'this' or 'that' because my mind tells me I can't do it because my body is weak. I am definitely the little train who not only said "I think I can" but "I know I can." I still have a long ways to go to receiving the title of Ms. Exercise but I know that I can do it. Just takes a little bit of will power and a good friend to get you up early each morning to do it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Okay, I know I wasn't the only one out there that was psyched to have the final book of the Twilight Saga published. I only became a fan of Twilight at the beginning of the summer because before then I really had no time for 'recreational' reading. Thanks to Deb who insisted I read the books, I have been entertained this summer (along with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law). Anyways, I was a 'Twilighter' that attended a "Breaking Dawn Party" at Barnes and Noble. It was fun and I made a shirt with my sis Heather and friend Debbie to wear to the party. (No we were not crazy enough to dress up in a prom dress or vampire outfit, definitely not that crazy). Here's a pic of us showing off our newly acquired shirts.

The party was fun. We spent over an hour doing the trivia. Of course we didn't win anything but we sure got the book. I was actually the last one to purchase a book that night (long story) and I am definitely glad that I purchased it. The story is very INTENSE!! If you have not read the books and need some good reading I highly recommend the saga. Stephenie Meyer's is simply put - a GENIUS!! (I also recommend "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer).