Wednesday, March 17, 2010

May you...

So we have all heard the phrase "May you live everyday of your life", whether it is from a 'quotable quotes' book or a hallmark card somehow we have heard this quote from our dear friend Ralph Waldo Emerson. Does it sound like this quote is finished? Keep this in mind as I relay a story to you...

A few weekends back, my friend, Allison, and I had a girls night out at a place called "Sauces". It was a glorious evening. We sat out on the patio of the restaurant enjoying ourselves as we gabbed about life and did a little bit of people watching. After our delicious dinner we decided to walk to Barnes and Noble. After wondering B&N for a while (because you can't spend just 5 minutes in there) we eventually found ourselves looking at the bookmarks, a few cards, and of course the refrigerator magnets that will impact your life with a little phrase or two.

As we were reading these magnets we came upon the one with Ralph's quote, "May you live everyday of your life." Of course I have thought of this quote several times and it is a mini-pep talk that says "do something with your life okay!" but that is not the message that I got this time. This may reflect my current mood about life but I really think it is a nice addition to the quote. I really think that Ralph did not finish his quote. Of course you will live everyday of your life. If you are not then you are dead right?! So to finish the quote for dear Ralphy,

"May you live everyday of your life.
May you die if you don't!"

--Ralph Waldo Emerson assisted by Hanie

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope little leprechauns did not trick you too much today. Funny thing about my childhood days on St. Patrick's day - the night before we always built a little house for the leprechauns to sleep in either out of wood blocks or legos. We would even dress up a potatoe as a leprechaun and hide him in the little house. I miss those days. Funny memories that just make me happy :)

I am home in Taylor for spring break so it was fun to be home again but I didn't build a house for the leprechauns. I guess that is why I didn't get any of his gold today (and heaven knows I need it). But I did get to live something from my childhood - green biscuits and gravy for breakfast and for dinner, yes the delicious irish meal of corned beef and cabbage. Just made for a happy day.

For some reason I was in the mood for St. Patrick's day so I was a little leprechaun myself for my friend's 1st grade class. I can't show you any pictures (child laws) of the happy children eating their gold, rainbows, and green hills but this was the cute cupcakes I made. ( for ideas).

Of course I had to save an extra cupcake for my nephew, Kyler. After he ate his corned beef and cabbage he got to eat his rainbow cupcake. He was so cute! He was so excited and when he gets shy he tries to hide by closing his eyes and tucking his head into his shoulders. He is at that stage that he thinks if he can't see you, you can't see him (Piaget's theory). It is the cutest thing! Here he is trying to share his delicious cupcake with me.

And yes, I greened out today with green fingernails, my Rainbow shirt from Ansbach (because the mascot is Leprechaun) and when it was cold I wore my jacket from Ireland. May I say that it was a nice day! I am LUCKY to have such a wonderful life! --