Sunday, August 2, 2009

Apps, Summer, and, more...

Let me just say that it is harder to entertain yourself when you have all the time in the world than if you have to think of something when you have a few hours of freedom. It doesn't come easily no matter if you have a FULL summer of trying to find a job, wonderment of where you are going to live, should you move out of state and/or country, how can I earn a few bucks, and what should I have for breakfast. I guess it is mostly a little bit of worry since it is crunch time. I just hope that something will come along soon.

Besides making sure I use my free time wisely I have had some mini adventures and delights over the last few months since my 'traveling' days. It has been hard since I still have a little bit of travel bug but I make due with what I have and can do.

4th of July - Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE the 4th of July! I debate all the time whether Christmas is my favorite holiday or the 4th of July. I love the feeling and excitement of celebrating our wonderful nation's birthday of independence! And to do it in Taylor, AZ - nothing can replace it. This year it was a different 4th of July because unfortunately I had a little bit of bad luck. Of course, Taylor starts celebrating at 4 am and at 5am the mini-'parade' begins. Well once again too many people didn't start at the right spot and cut in line so we were pushed back to the end of the line and were not even able to see (but definitely hear) the anvil. So we cut out half way through. I don't think I have EVER not followed the anvil 100%. I knew at that time I was going to have an off day.
Cierra sporting her patriotism
After breakfast (which was fantastic - I love the souffle!), we headed to the parade in Show Low. Parade was entertaining and I was feeling very festive on the way home. Well, I was a little bit too festive in my driving and got caught speeding 68 mph in a 45 mph zone. Luckily the officer only wrote me for 10+ instead of revoking my license right on the spot. Believe me, this really set me off and I knew that this was not going to be the best 4th of July. But it did look up with delicious navajo taco and fireworks later that night. --Happy Independence Day! (I know it's late but we can always celebrate our independence.)

CEDAR CITY, UT - I have done a little bit of travel this summer and not just back and forth from Wal-Mart in Show Low. I was able to accompany my grandparents and mom to Cedar City, UT for a weekend. My mom lived in Cedar City until she was 12 and both Grandpa and Grandma grew up in and around Cedar City so it was a trip to 'remember their childhoods'. I was excited because I was getting out of AZ and I had not been to Cedar City since I was probably 10 yrs old. It was a very enjoyable trip.
Mom, Grandma and Grandpa at Duck Creek
We drove through Cedar Canyon, saw my great-grandparents homes, and visited with relatives. Oh and I also went to the Shakespearean Festival. (Cedar City is coined Festival City USA by the way). Mom and I went to "The Comedy of Errors" and I have to say it is a fave. I'm not a Shakespearean expert but this play was awesome. All in all it was a very nice weekend.

Outside the Globe Theatre

Set for "The Comedy of Errors"

10. 10+. 10++. That is the number of completed applications that I can think that I have submitted this summer. I only wish that there was one application for all the districts in the state. It is annoying that they all ask the same thing but you still have to write out the same information over and over and over. It would be nice if they actually provided enough space to write all the requested information too. -- I just hope and pray that somewhere, my application makes it to the top of the pile. I am first judged by paper and it is annoying! But luckily jobs keep popping up here and there. Something has to work out soon...

Oh and one more thing - My grandpa and I have a little thing. He wears suspendors and I cannot resist flipping them. So when I went to Germany I knew I had to bring him back a pair of suspendors. I purchased them a month and a half into my trip and I couldn't WAIT to give them to him. I had to be a little picky because most patterns had "I love beer" on it and I didn't think he would wear those. Luckily I found some with the edelweiss flower on it. I'm not playing favorites or saying I'm an excellent shopper but doesn't he look snazzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!