Monday, May 17, 2010

Gila Valley Temple Openhouse

I want to begin this blog by saying that I am absolutely thankful that in this day and age, we are blessed more and more with opportunities to get away from the loud and chaotic world by going to the House of Our Lord. He has now blessed more saints with an easier task of attending the temple and completing the much needed work for those who have passed on before us.

(Me, Gabby, and Katie)

On May 11th, (sorry my computer and/or internet as been out of order) I was able to go on a road trip to the new Gila Valley temple with a great bunch of friends. It was not a bad trip considering 6 hours out of the 8-9 hours of the trip where spent in the car. We shared tall tales and "short tails", sang together, avoided near face slaps, and discussed what a wash is (a dry ditch we determined). I know this sounds like a bunch of silly things but it was time well spent together because we were able to enter the temple together and feel of the spirit that is present there.

Two of the Happiest people I know! (Eliza & Gabby)

The beauty of that building, and any other temple, is absolutely amazing! Personally I think it could be a rundown shack and still be beautiful because of the spirit, blessings and work done within its walls. But of course we reserve the best for the House of the Lord so the best is used to create such magnificent structures.

The Whole Crew (Janalie, Adam, Me, Gabby, Katie, & Eliza)

I am grateful that I had friends to share this experience with and to feel their testimonies through their smiles as we walked through the rooms. I know that within the walls of the temple families are sealed together and death cannot break a family's bond that is sealed together. :) Those who were not able to accept the gospel while present on this earth are able to receive the same blessings because the work is completed for them by worthy members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Heavenly Father does not want to leave anyone out no matter when they lived on this earth. We are blessed with different resources today to do the needed work. I know that just as it has been prophecied that temples will dot the earth and it is coming true. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to attend temple(s) near me and pray that I will set aside the time to do my part for I know it is important and must be done.

After we the walk through we took pictures and played on the train tracks. When we were on the train tracks I think everyone thought I was crazy because I kept hearing a train whistle. "It's all in your head Steph." Well, minutes after our fun on the tracks ended what came pushing its way down the track?? Yep a train! I proved that I had the best hearing.

Besides the blustery day, I had a wonderful time. This past Sunday (May 23rd) I was also able to attend a session for the dedication of this gorgeous structure. My testimony was strengthened as I listened to President Monson, President Eyring, and the new Temple President testify of the work done in the temple and what role we play in Heaven Father's Plan. As someone in my life comes closer and closer to the end of their time on this earth, I cannot express with words what it means to me to know that I can see my family and friends again. And to know that forever I can be with them.

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Aunt Bec said...

Fun times, I thought it was a cute little temple. You look fabulous by the way! Miss you!